1. 1926.1428(a) - Signal Person not qualified
  2. 1926.1425(c)(3) - Materials not rigged by qualified Rigger
  3. 1926-1428(a)(3) - No documentation for the Signal Person
  4. 1926.1412(f)(1) - No annual inspections performed by a qualified person
  5. 1926.1408(a)(2) - No determination for working radius closer than 20 feet to a power line
  6. 1926.1417(c)(1) - Operators manual, load charts, hazard warnings, etc., not in the cab at all times
  7. 1926.1412(d)(1) - A determination for safety was not made by competent person after a deficiency was noted during a visual inspection
  8. 1926.1412(e)(2)(i) - Monthly crane inspection results, missing or signed documentation not maintained
  9. 1926.1412(f)(2) - Inspections not performed annually by a qualified person or as specified
  10. 1926.1411(f)(2)(xvii) - Missing labels supplied by the manufacturer